MWR200 Premium Wax/Resin FH

Available colors:


Scratch resistance 65%
Color density 95%
Ultraviolet resistance 75%
Solvent resistance 60%
High-temperature resistance 75°С
Printing temperature 75°С
Printing speed 300mm/s

MWR200 ribbon is a special offer for Flat Head. Due to good compatibility with various materials, it provides for perfect image of bar codes with different orientation. Special ribbon structure enables printing of high definition images to 600 dpi. Wide range of colors.

Mat paper, coated paper, polyester, polyethylene, polypropylene, PVC

  • Special color ribbon for Flat Head
  • High printing speed and wide range of materials to be printed
  • Clear dense and tear resistant print
  • Unique coating on the ribbonprotects securely thermal print head
  • Textile industry, Lumbering and wood processing, Medicine and pharmaceutics, Flexible packaging, Gardening and flower growing.

Gardening and flower growing
Flexible packaging
Medicine and pharmaceutics
Lumbering and Wood processing

Temperature 5°С -35°С
Humidity 10% – 85%
Recommendations To avoid direct sunlight
Reverse side coating silicone-based
Base thickness, micron 4,5±0,3
Paint layer wax/resin
Paint layer thickness, micron 3,0±0,2
Ribbon thickness, micron 7,5±0,5
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