MW400 Superior Wax FH

Available colors:


Scratch resistance 70%
Color density 95%
Ultraviolet resistance 80%
Solvent resistance 30%
High-temperature resistance 75°С
Printing temperature 75°С
Printing speed 356mm/s

MW400 Superior Wax is a high class ribbon having outstanding characteristics. Special composition of the paint layer provides for perfect printing quality even at low temperature modes. In combination with special coating it ensures the highest possible operation lifetime of the equipment. High printing speed enables use of this ribbon even at greatly high load of the equipment. MW400 Superior Wax is appropriate for printing on the widest range of materials for its class.

Enameled/not enameled paper,glossy paper, water painted paper,enameled/not enameled carton, synthetic paper, synthetic films, polyethylene, polypropylene

  • Printing on a wide range of materials
  • High definition of images
  • Energy-saving printing
  • Special antistatic coating which ensures long service lifetime of thermal print head
  • Storehouse, Logistics, Retail, Transport.


Temperature 5°С -35°С
Humidity 10% – 85%
Recommendations To avoid direct sunlight
Reverse side coating silicone-based
Base thickness, micron 4,8±0,3
Paint layer wax
Paint layer thickness, micron 3,1±0,2
Ribbon thickness, micron 8,0±0,5
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