MR303 Hard Resin FH

Available colors:


Scratch resistance 100%
Color density 95%
Ultraviolet resistance 100%
Solvent resistance 95%
High-temperature resistance 100°С
Printing temperature 80°С
Printing speed 200mm/s

Durability in chemical printing and industrial applications. Excellent abrasion resistance. Resistant to steam. Resistant to heat. Resistance to a wide range of chemicals.

Synthetic paper, Polylefin, Polyester, Polypropylene, Polyethylene, PVC cards.

  • Cable slaving, pharmaceutical labeling, electrical appliance labeling, automotive parts labeling
  • Image resistance to high temperatures.

Chemical industry
Textile industry
Cable marking

Temperature 5°С -35°С
Humidity 10% – 85%
Recommendations To avoid direct sunlight
Reverse side coating silicone-based
Base thickness, micron 4,5±0,5
Paint layer resin
Paint layer thickness, micron 1,6±0,1
Ribbon thickness, micron 6,0±1,0
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