MW052 Economy Wax NE

Available colors:


Scratch resistance 95%
Color density 80%
Ultraviolet resistance 70%
Solvent resistance 30%
High-temperature resistance 62°С
Printing temperature 62°С
Printing speed 300mm/s

Specialized WAX ribbons for the Near Edge technology. They are certified for application in food industry. Due to high printing speed, ribbons of this type are applied in flow lines and conveyors. Reduced temperature impact printing modeand antistatic coating make it possible to increase significantly service lifetime of equipment.

Vellum, mat paper, semigloss paper, coated mat paper, glossy paper, carton.

  • Maximum printing speed exceeds 300 mm/sec
  • Food industry, flow lines, conveyors.

Food industry

Temperature 5°С -35°С
Humidity 10% – 85%
Recommendations To avoid direct sunlight
Reverse side coating silicone-based
Base thickness, micron 4,5±0,5
Paint layer wax
Paint layer thickness, micron 2,0±0,3
Ribbon thickness, micron 6,5±0,5